Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Totally Chill

In attendance: Jillian, Gordon, Caitlin, Lewis Patrick Lewis, Sean, Cashius, Joe J.

Gordon and Jillian's Hungarian Cold Cherry Soup
LPL's New York Pasta Salad
Sean's Quinoa Cilantro Salad
Caitlin's Tea Sandwiches with Herbed Butter and Smoked Salmon
Caitlin's Extra-Fancy Guacamole

Kudos to Caitlin for trying out two completely new recipes! What a lovely, chill evening. Kudos to Cashius for providing endless entertainment all evening.

After dinner, we sat chatting for a couple hours about:
-Movies that are so bad they are good
-Stories my dad loves to tell
-Joe's new job in Utah
-Hoopfest (the Consolation Bracket Champion was in attendance!)
-Gordon's latest adventures in tackling children

Normally I would post a recipe from the evening, but these were so good, we are keeping them all secret.

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  1. Haha, Jill - I like this entry. Made me smile. :)